Hallie Walker graduated from Kent State University where she earned her BFA in Musical Theatre. With a family full of artists, Hallie has been immersed in music and story telling since the day she was born. She soon realized that her love for sharing music and stories with other people could be her career. 


Some of her favorite shows she has been a part of are Next to Normal (Natalie), Hair (Crissy), Parade (Iola Stover) Emilie (Soubrette), Bye Bye Birdie (Kim MacAfee), Macbeth (Son of Macduff), and The Stonewater Rapture (Carlyle).


Hallie recently traded in her rusty Ford Focus for a metro card and currently resides in Brooklyn, NY. 


Other than performing, Hallie is a big fan of Häagen-Daz chocolate peanut butter ice cream, fun shoes, and her beautiful cat, Wilhelmenia.


             She may be small but she's got it all.